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Karan Acoustics


Technical specifications:
Line inputs:4 balanced (XLR) and 2 unbalaced (RCA)
Line outputs:2 balanced (XLR)
Input impedance:30 kOhm (balanced/unbalanced)
Output impedance:90 Ohm
Output level:1.55 V/RMS (nominal)
18.0V/RMS (maximum/balanced/600Ohm load)
Max. input level:
(before saturation)
5.4 V/RMS (balanced/unbalanced/Gain set to 6 dB)
3.6 V/RMS (balanced/unbalanced/Gain set to 9 dB)

Gain:+6 dB or +9 dB (adjustable)
Frequency response:20Hz to 20kHz, +/-0dB; (1.5 Hz to 3 Mhz, -3 dB)
Distortion:THD: 0.003% (Full output, 20 Hz to 20 kHz)
IMD: 0.003% (Full output)
Speed:Rise and Settling time <450ns
Slew rate: 1.500 V/us (Amplification stages)
Signal to noise ratio:>120 dB (unweighted)
AC voltage:115V or 230V (nominal line voltage)
AC voltage range:+/- 10% (from nominal line voltage)
Power Consumption:60 W (maximum)
Warranty:5 years, parts and labor
Net dimensions:504 x 126 x 390 mm (whd);
Net weight:17.4 kg
Za više info: +385 99 4747 120, Božo