Beovision Harmony

On or off. It’s showtime.
Your sound and vision. Taken to new, magical places. Glide into the moment with Beovision Harmony.

Unfolding design. Why let a blank screen rule your space, when you can have a piece of art? Sculpted from wood or fabric and aluminium, Harmony catches the eye and invites conversation even in standby mode. And when you’re ready to watch, it puts on a show. The powerful speakers glide apart, the television floats into the space. A performance that takes movie moments to new heights.

A show of true colours. Dolby Vision IQ fills your screen with unsurpassed detail and intensely rich colours, while the latest OLED technology creates absolute black for powerful contrasts. Together, they make the scene deeper, and the moment fuller.

A resolution revolution. Enjoy eye-popping colour and fidelity as 33 million OLED pixels deliver 8k resolution across Harmony’s 88″ and 77″ screens. Got a lower resolution source? AI deep learning automatically scales any resolution up to 8k, so even the classics stay crisp.

The size is right. With 65″, 77″, 83″, 88″ or 97″ to choose from, your cinematic sculpture will be at home in any room. Enjoy unmatched richness of sound with outstanding resolution – at any scale.